Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Motorcycle chain maintenance, along with oil changes and tyre maintenance is a crucial part of safe riding. A four stroke motorcycle (E.g.: Boxer CT) requires one litre of engine oil for every thousand kilometres and vehicles like TVS Excel requires four hundred millilitres of engine oil for thousand kilometres. Due to laziness of riders and cost criteria, the oil change is not done for the vehicles. If the same oil is used for longer time, the oil will lose its viscosity due to high temperature inside the oil sump. Due to loss of viscosity, the oil become black in colour and loses its elasticity and leads to rapid wear of moving parts. Due to these reasons, the tooth of the chain may lose its sharpness and create noise. To reduce thins problem, a cylindrical container made of Aluminium1100 (UNS No: A91100) which can withstand high temperature can be used to hold the oil externally which pumps the oil inside the oil sump by using the Automatic Timer. The used or low viscosity oil can be drained through an outlet separately (made of ordinary metal or plastic). The timer is used to pump in and drain out the oil for every thousand kilometres. The external fitting of this container is useful for the riders to refill the oil and to reduce oil service cost of the vehicle. Three different designs of the container can be made for different vehicles which can be fitted near the tool or first aid box of the motorcycle.

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