Wednesday, December 9, 2009



Date of birth:
November 24, 1990

Studying B.Tech (Mechanical) at SASTRA University, Tanjore.

Additional Qualification:
a) Foundation Pro/E in CADD Center, Tanjore
b) Foundation Auto CADD in CADD Center,Tambaram, Chennai.
c) Advanced Diploma in Computer Hardware & Networking, Iect SISI, Tambaram, Chennai.

Implant Training Undergone: from 1st DEC to 12th DEC 2009 in DELPHI-TVS Diesel Systems Ltd, Mannur.

Workshops attended:
1. Workshop on robotics conducted by TRI India(P) Ltd – Excavator Kit 2.Workshop on autonomous robotics and CryptoGraphy by IIT, Kharagpur in SRM University
3. Workshop on Engine assembling conducted
By SASTRA University
4. Autonomous Robotics- Line Follower Robots conducted by ROBOTICS CORE SCHOOL in association with ROBOTICS CLUB @ SASTRA University.

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