Friday, January 29, 2010

Modification in Passenger Buses for convenience and comfort of Passengers:

AIM: To reduce the inconvenience caused for the passengers due to bus travel by modifying a simple UD (ULTRA DELUX) bus.

Total Seats:

For 40seats:

· Left: 20

· Right: 20

Sleepers (12 nos.):

· Left: 6

· Right: 6

Modification: The position of the passenger seats are rotated to 180°, i.e. the seats are placed opposite to the driving seats or opposite to the motion of bus and adding 6+6 sleepers(12 sleepers) and placing the luggage carrier below the passenger’s seat by raising the seat to specific dimensions.


1. The Inconvenience caused to the passengers during Sudden Pressing of Brakes can be removed because the force caused due to the brake can be cancelled by the push-back of the seats.

2. During night travel, the Light ray falling on the passengers by the Head-Light of opposite vehicle can be avoided.

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